Laboratory services

 Mechanical testing equipment

MTS servohydraulic load frameMTS servohydraulic load frame (unique in Quebec)

CTA has an impressive fatigue testing machine made by MTS that can accommodate the entire chassis of a vehicle. It is equipped with four synchronized linear and rotary actuators. CTA has extensive experience in using this device in testing fatigue in chassis and all other mechanical components. 

  • Surface area: 2500 X 3600 mm
  • Three-channel test station
  • Two vertical actuators: 50 kN with stroke length of 300 mm 
  • Linear actuator: 25 kN with stroke length of 300 mm 
  • Rotary actuator: 5650 N-m with 100° of angular displacement 
  • Six analog inputs and six analog outputs with BNC filtered connectors for control and data acquisition 
  • Two 30 GPM hydraulic pumps 
  • Possibility of 24/7 operation

MTS 852-50 damper test systemMTS 852-50 damper test system (unique in Canada)

The only testing system of its kind for characterizing shock-absorber behavior. The specialized piece of equipment can generate a load of 67 kN and has an actuator stroke of 250 mm. It can handle shock absorbers up to 1,575 mm in length. Moreover, it can generate a maximum velocity of 10 m/s.

  • Actuator-rod diameter: 80 mm (3.15 in.)
  • Actuator face to load cell: 1575 mm maximum / 180 mm minimum
  • Frame dynamic load rating: 50 kN (11.2 kip)
  • Actuator stroke: 250 mm (10")
  • Anti-Rotation: Yes

Dynamometer for SAKOR transmissionTransmission dynamometer (unique in Canada)

CTA has a dynamometer chamber for carrying out characterization and durability tests on all types of power-train components (e.g., transmissions, gearboxes, differentials, and driveshafts). This setup can also be used for other purposes, such as determining an electric motor's characteristic curves. The transmission dynamometer consists of a braking motor and a drive motor that act, respectively, on the input and output of the power-train component being tested. 

Braking Motor: 

  • Rated output: 130 kW
  • Maximum torque: 827 N-m
  • Maximum torque range: 0–1,500 RPM
  • Maximum speed: 6,500 RPM
  • Torque at maximum speed: 191 N-m

Drive Motor:

  • Rated output: 130 kW
  • Maximum torque: 248 N-m
  • Maximum torque range: 0–5,000 RPM
  • Maximum speed: 7,800 RPM
  • Torque at maximum speed: 159 N-m

Borghi & Saveri engine dynamometerBorghi & Saveri engine dynamometer

CTA has two dynamometer chambers for testing performance and measuring polluting emissions from engines and complete vehicles on rollers. The chambers are also equipped with cooling, air-intake, and exhaust systems. These dynamometers can operate with various types of liquid and gas fuels. 

  • Borghi & Saveri Model FS-260 
  • Rating of 260 HP (194 kW)
  • D2T controllers and data-acquisition systems

Electromechanical test machine for Instron testingElectromechanical test machine for Instron testing

This high-performance machine enables us to conduct mechanical cycling, compression, and tensile testing.  A unit capable of testing materials and components at temperatures ranging from -80°C to +280°C is also available. 

  • Instron model 5582 
  • 100 kN and 5 kN load cells 
  • Extensometers: medium stroke (50 mm), short stroke (2.5 mm) and Epsilon 4013 for adhesive characterization
  • Blue Hill data-processing software
 Electrical testing and measurement equipment

Zeiss Contura G2 3D coordinate measuring machineZeiss Contura G2 3D coordinate measuring machine

High-precision measuring equipment to verify dimensional and geometric tolerances when inspecting finished parts. 

  • Measurement volume: 1000 x 1200 x 600 mm
  • Measurement error according to DIN EN ISO-10360-2 
  • Calypso programming software compatible with *.stp files 
  • Renishaw MH1 probe

Horiba emission measurement and analysis systemHoriba emission measurement and analysis system

Equipment used in the dynamometer chamber to measure polluting emissions from different engines. CTA's model reacts within 0.9 s and can detect and analyze  CO, CO2, THC, NO, NO2, and O2.

  • Horiba model Mexa 7100D
  • Gas divider


SoMat eDAQ Lite data-acquisition system SoMat eDAQ Lite data-acquisition system

Independent data-acquisition system that can be mounted onboard the vehicle and exposed to the harshest conditions (dust, rain, mud, cold, etc.). It can be used to measure chassis deflection, temperature, pressure, speed, and GPS position and can operate at a sample rate of 100 kHz.

  • 32 channels 
  • WiFi and Ethernet communications 
  • 4 GB internal memory 
  • Sample rate: 100 kHz 
  • GPS card  
  • Load-cell card
  • Extensometer card
  • 16-bit analog input/output

Thermotron SE-600 environmental test chamberThermotron SE-600 environmental test chamber

The Thermotron SE-600 environmental test chamber provides fast, accurate control of humidity and temperature. In particular, this chamber serves for testing battery discharge under different operating temperatures. 

  • Volume: 586 L 
  • Programmable logic controller and data-acquisition system 
  • Temperature range and performance: -65°C to 180°C
  • 180°C to -65°C in 50 min 
  • -65°C to 180°C in 37 min

Other specialized equipment

  • High-speed onboard camera system 
  • Opal-RT onboard controller system 
  • DC power source 
  • Microscopes
  • Thermal camera
 Acoustical-testing equipment

acousticCTA has cutting-edge equipment for analyzing noise problems.

Measurement of Acoustic and Vibration Levels 

  • Acoustic diagnostics for machines and facilities 
  • Vibration diagnostics for machines and manufactured products 
  • Modal analysis (numerical and experimental) 
  • Measurement of deformation in components in motion (laser vibrometers) 
  • Dynamic characterization of structures and isolating elements 

Acoustic Analysis:

  • Location and prioritization of noise sources
  • Sound quality

Measurement and analysis instruments:

  • Sonometers
  • Transducers:  accelerometers, microphones, binaural microphones, force sensors…
  • Multichannel, high-rate data-acquisition systems
  • Laser vibrometers: linear and rotational
  • Acoustic antenna