Engineering and simulation services

CTA offers state of the art engineering and simulation services. Our solid experience in product development and our close ties with the industry make CTA an excellent strategic partner for any project.

CTA’s services include design, building of prototypes, validation tests and transfer to mass production. The advantage of working with CTA is that the entire development cycle, from the blank sheet to production, can be completed with our professional team.

Our toolbox includes analysis software such as: CATIA, ANSYS, Star CCM+, LMS VirtualLab, LMS Amesim, Glyphworks Ncode, Matlab, Simulink, Comsol, GT Power and MSC Visual Nastran. 

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 Finite Element Analysis - Structural

Static analysisStatic analysis

The static finite element analysis allows a customer to visualise the stress, strain and displacements of a component or system of components. The results can be used for fatigue life analysis and to optimise part geometry for a given load case.


Dynamic analysisDynamic analysis

A dynamic finite element analysis will simulate the dynamic behaviour of a system, such as an impact. Our analysis toolbox can account for non linear effects, such as friction and plasticity, to increase the precision of the model. We also perform multi-body dynamic analyses to predict the behaviour of moving systems such as a vehicle.


Non-linear analysisNon-linear analysis

A non-linear finite element analysis simulates conditions such as friction, large displacements and complex joints or even plastic material behaviour. 


 Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Fluid mechanics analysisFluid mechanics analysis

Our computational fluid dynamic tools can simulate liquid or gas fluid flow in a multitude of systems such as; pumps, exhaust systems or watercraft hulls. 


Aerodynamic analysisAerodynamic analysis

The study of internal or external aerodynamics of a vehicle allows to reduce drag or to increase airflow to keep the systems cool.


Aero-Thermal analysisAero-Thermal analysis

CTA has the capacity to study the flow of air in a vehicle in combination with a thermal system. This is used to optimise the size of cooling systems and evaluate driver comfort. This technique can be applied to other systems such as heat pumps. 


Hydrodynamic analysisHydrodynamic analysis

The study or hydrodynamics identifies the shear and pressure forces of a rigid body when flowing over a liquid. CTA regularly studies hydrodynamics of watercraft hulls.


Thermal analysisThermal analysis

Thermal analyses allow one to visualise the transmission of heat between elements via conduction, convection or radiation. Our tools are important in product development to guarantee proper heat management.


 Product design and development

Design and development of productsBacked by our solid experience in design, testing and production of different products, the CTA offers a world class design service. You can count on us to deliver specialised projects or turn-key solutions with production plans.

Our world class information system and our confidentiality policies protect the customer’s information and allow the customer to keep all of the intellectual property.

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 Acoustic and modal analysis

Modal and acoustic analysisCTA is also specialized in acoustics and vibrations (NVH). We are equipped with high tech instrumentation to measure and understand the sources and intensities of noise and vibrations.

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 Multi body dynamics 

Multi body dynamic analysisA Multi body analysis allows one to simulate complex movements of machines under different conditions. The mars and lunar space rovers developed by the CTA underwent intensive virtual testing to ensure the vehicles would meet the customer’s expectations.